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I made a post in /crt/ yesterday morning when I got Attract Mode to start MAME (0.83) in the proper mode. This is my first delving into making a still-common PC CRT mimic a high end SDCRT and I was expecting to get some shit about my food blogging or the scanlines being too fine (which I was prepared at that moment to adjust accordingly) but instead they were much more interested in discussing a 5'10" 125 pound transfag. This is the state of /vr/, even deep in a general.

I went on to get PJ64 configured and the romset loaded although I haven't figured out an efficacious way to add cartridge labels, boxart and fliers. Just unmerging the N64 romset was painfully time consuming which is so weird because I remember 15 years ago when wasting entire days at that sort of thing was a joy to me. It used to be that teenanons were in a similar place, with similar aspirations to the lifestyle I've since managed to establish but the last few years I've found anons like >>4644076 that I don't even know what to make of. This just doesn't read like a troll post. The hatebox seems to have served as a petri dish to mutate a strain of cognitive dissonance beyond my theraputic abilities.

Anyway, after I failed to get any feedback on my Pachinko Sexy Reaction scanlines I moved on to configuring N64. I started out trying to use Mupen64plus but despite its github's assurances that the 32 bit version would work in 64 bit Windows, I wasted another hour on failing to sort its C++ library dependencies and wondering if I was wrong to go with Windows 7 over XP before I moved to PJ64 which exposes the desktop while loading from Attract Mode in a way I don't care for and has a forum community that aggressively rejects the notion that anyone would want scanlines ever for any reason. It does look amazing on 3D games though so I just left it for the time being and may give myself a break from Mednafen at some point to give PCSXR-PGXP a spin for similar eyegasms on 3D games

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0900 - sashimi and scanlines
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