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Here is my 300m submission.


Author: FAGGOT
Music: Anything the project compiler wants to put so long as it's not D_Runnin. I usually just turn music off for testing.

Finished the map architecture and detail in the allotted 5 hours but testing and tweaking of items/monsters put it up to ~7. If that disqualifies it, so be it, but figured it's best to be honest.

Most players will be more comfortable on HMP than UV. I tried to put some stuff in there for speed runners to have fun with. There is enough ammo to kill everything on the map but you don't have to, alot of the fights can be skipped although most enemies can still cause you pain throughout the level if you leave them alive. Lava is harmful, blood is not (I also put monsters on things that don't hurt, but none on things that do.) There are two secrets on the map, and also one or two tricks that aren't marked as secret. If you see an item there is a way to get to it. Tested in Chocolate Doom.

If you want to record a demo then use

-file <files>
Load the specified PWAD files.
-record <x>
Record a demo named x.lmp.

for both Chocolate Doom and PrBoom+. You can put command line params in a shortcut pointing to the .exe for both Chocolate Doom and PrBoom+

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