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Cool new gimmick

>cheesy horror movie

I rented it the weekend it was released in North America. Me and my buddy were like "WTF is this lol so cheesy". Everyone was talking about it. "Hey did you play that new horror movie game on Playstation?". I think it only really was taken seriously/established when RE2 came out. That was more complex, not as goofy, and "upgraded". The voice acting was so shit but that was the appeal, you'd be at school saying lines in a robotic voice to your friends. It was a new and original joke game that had a lot of legit gameplay attached.

You'll see this formula in other "disruptive" games. Remember when GTA3 came out? Or Mortal Kombat and it's fatalities? Katemari?
It had the "new cool thing" factor behind it by doing something completely new to gaming at that point, being a throw back to shitty horror genre. Sure 7th guest and alone in the dark were similar but it didn't have horrible voice acting and it wasn't as widely availble as RE was on launch. I've only ever seen alone in the dark in the back of gamepro magazine at that point, never was at blockbuster for rent until much later after its initial 3d0 release.

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