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It's true though.

I hope you get raped to death. Raped. Until your body goes into shock and you die, and your body releases DMT during the instant of death and you vividly hallucinate.

And I hope my post echoes in your soul, raped until death, raped until death, raped until death.

Just, think about it.

Raped until death.

Also I'm drunk so no matter your response I don't care but I will call you a cunt if you reply. Let's make this good. Try hard.




Chemical releasing


No infinity, no darkness, no conciousness. Just you death.

>you mad


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>or give it any precedence of value. You may see re-sellers marking it up for being 'rare' and vapid buyers paying that price for a 'rare' cart

You just contradicted yourself, you cunt.

>Paintings don't have any value. Vapid people pay millions for paintings that a four year old could make

Good one. You should seriously consider suicide.

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