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No, it's not a typo. The highest possible damage output that the charged wave beam is supposed to be capable of is somewhere around 700 IIRC, maybe even less. That's assuming every single projectile finds a target to hit. For some reason that I won't pretend to know or understand, if you shoot a monster in the head with a bouncing projectile, it does more damage than it should've been capable of according to the damage values set in DECORATE. Since the charged wave beam is pretty much just a fuckton of bouncing projectiles, if you shoot an enemy with it from above, they get completely annihilated. You can also use this to oneshot Archviles and Barons, but Masterminds and Cyberdemons are the easiest targets since their hitbox is wider. It works with the missile combo too, but it's a bit of a waste since there aren't any enemies with enough health to see its full potential.

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It does, but things balance out okay since BTSX E2 is pretty hard.

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Depends on the mod for me. I'll break the shit out of maps when I'm playing with Hideous Destructor, because I need every single advantage I can get. If I can toss a grenade through a window to take care of an ambush before it happens, I'm gonna do it. If I fall into a slime pit and don't have a radsuit, I'm gonna jump out because I'll die otherwise. The map wasn't built for the mod, so the author's intentions are already out the window.

I also have a lot of fun walljumping all over the place in Metroid Dreadnought. It's Metroid, I can't just pretend I'm not Samus Aran.

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Back To Saturn X goes pretty well with it, especially episode 2.

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