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He's dumb but it really depends on what you're talking about. Quake was about 2 decades ahead in terms of movement mechanics and netcode and it's the reason why it still holds up today. Goldeneye is a technically impressive game and really what sets it apart is the dedication to immersion, which FPS games hadn't really done yet.
You're both really just talking over each other like retards. Anon is just saying playing goldeneye multiplayer after quake multiplayer made GE feel like shit, which is a fairly reasonable point given the framerate issues.

What's sad is that all the innovation FPS games like Goldeneye and Quake brought us was for nothing because the FPS genre got homogenized by the mid 2000's into a stagnant bland soup.

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I'd rather they don't. Quake is playable as is and you can mod it to fuck and back however you like. They fucked QL and don't even get me started on Quake Champions. Who'd have thought they'd see the day where the latest Quake release is worse than an shitty unfinished Unreal game. I've got my faith in fans of the genre to bring us the goodies.

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