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>Just returned to the PD
> Realize that Eve just hit the place like hurricane katrina
> It's on now, mother fucker
> Fighting through the entire station against werewolves and mutated rats
> Plowing through everything while accomplishing the objective
> Constantly getting into fights with the creatures that have spawned there
> I eventually reach the cereberus thing
> The fight is intense
> Hitting the fucker with everything I got
> Feel like I'm going to hit my peak in the fight and dwindle
> Instead, I completely thrash the fucker
> Continue game
> mfw [/spoiler

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Depends. It's hotly debated, almost the borderlands 2 meme fest of its time, but I fucking love it. NMA have an amazing fallout 2 restoration patch, it has to be one of the most complete fan made patches.

Removes some fun though, no quick way to get the car. Can't steal a bozar from the weapon guys. Thoroughly recommend it.

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> That ambiance

I remember when first nabbing the shotgun, going on a complete killing spree with it. Grouping the zombies as closely as they could fit, and then simultaneously blowing their heads off in that gory showery mess, so satisfying.

Saving ammo wasn't too much of a problem either, and by late game it was pretty much how the picture describes it.

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