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A bit off topic but whatever happened to the BST threads here? back in 2011/2012 I did a fair bit of buying from anons on the board. Had good conversation with them too. Bought FFII and III, Stadium 2 and a Nintendo 64 Cartridge container. Sold the FF carts to another anon when I didn't find the time to play them like I wanted to.

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>keklel snes carts have special ships lol what a retarded thing to do XD sega win again joo guise

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part of the tower of fucking power, baby!

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Post your quick/one-off questions here.


Is it worth getting a 32X and/or Sega CD, or should I just cut the shit and emulate their games? I already have a Genesis, and I wouldn't mind getting the add-ons for the shits and giggles.

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>actual N64 hooked up to your computer in VR

What a great idea. You should patent that.

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When I begged my parents to get me a PSone, they eventually gave me one and I thought my brother's PC games would run of this machine since both use a CD format, I tried to boot Half-Life, but it didn't work, eventually I learned that it could only play PS1 games.

Another them is when me and a friend back in kindergarten when to my home and decided to mess up and tilt a SMW cartridge, and we managed to play demo level running on the background on the menu, later I learned that his level was available on secret stars levels of the game, but it was still kinda cool being able to play that.

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That's nice, hon.

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