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Is there any objective reason whatsoever why anyone would use a CRT today except for "nostalgic" purposes? I swear most of these people with nostalgia for CRTs are zoomers, CRTs fucking sucked when they were prevalent and people were desperate back in the day to pay thousands to make the early jump to LCD/Plasma for PC/TV as soon as they became available.
What the fuck do you guys see that makes you think that the games look better on a screen with such curvature and distortion?
Yea, if you hook up a 25 year old system to a modern TV raw it looks like shit, but that's why you have decent upscalers and the like. Is there REALLY any benefit to a CRT over a modern display with a proper upscaler? And don't say shit like "muh input lag" that won't be a problem unless you're a turbo autist trying to play early FPS competitively, and even there I think it's more of a placebo than anything.

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