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I used to think it was a meme but I recently got a job at a big e-commerce startup company and they have giant tetris and Mario murals in the stairwells, retrons in the breakrooms and the lunch cardswipe kiosk makes the Mario 1-UP noise. There's a duck hunt meeting room with matching wallpaper too. Lots of hipsters but I haven't met a single one who has actually played a video game in the last decade. It's all image.

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>lurk the super secret IRC chats
>mfw the kinds of trash I have witnessed

This post is 100% accurate.

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I follow gamefaq rpg walk-throughs to the letter because I have an irrational aversion to missables. A l e x has been such a help over the years and still manages to confuse his west for east all the damn time.

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>tfw I got everything I ever wanted to play for the ps2 years ago except for Haunting Ground and the .hack//GU series

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