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I want your opinion, /crt/. My ex gf just told me shes getting rid of her Toshiba, it has component and looks similar to the one in >>4639547 on the left (Maybe a 24AF46?). I already have a 24" Sony WEGA, also with Component. They're both flat screens, however the geometry on my WEGA is pretty fucked, not unplayable just beyond my skill level to fix. Certain colors make the screen display weird curves (Apparently a problem with the old caps?), and the convergence is bad in the upper corners. I still want to test out the Toshiba before I swap, but I just want some thoughts on the trade. How does Toshiba's tubes stack up to a trini? If it has good geometry and all would it be about the same? Have stuck with Trinis for a while now and am interested how the competition stacks up. Picture comparisons would be nice.

Pic related, those health bars are supposed to be parallel.

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