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This past month I’ve been taking a deep dive into this game for the first time. It really is one of the best shooters ever made and really is on par with Perfect Dark and Goldeneye. The aiming is painful though and some of the challenges/arcade league missions are incredibly hard, which is refreshing. I’ve got maybe 50 out of 66 gold trophies but the last few are kicking my ass:

For those FPs fans that hold GE and PD in the highest esteem, it doesn’t get any better than this. One of the most high content, varied shooters ever made, and one of the best local multiplayer games of any generation.

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How does this bad boy hold up in 2022? I was a Goldeneye/Perfect Dark cultist but I never gave Timesplitters the same deep dive into all of the available content. Maybe the animation/campyness was a bit too much for me at the time. Anyway is it worth shelling countless hours into this one for all the unlocks and is it really as hard as people say it is?

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This game is better than Timesplitters.

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Both are outclassed by pic-related, let's be real.

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>first game
>every mission was a different time period and setting

>second game
>every mission was a different time period, setting, and had its own story

>third game
>almost every setting is either taken from a previous game or is some kind of secret underground facility
>the Scotland mission is the only new time period not seen in a previous game

Why is Future Perfect considered the best?

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