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it's actually legal everywhere in america. though some states will try to jump through some hoops to get you arrested anyway. just don't go flaunting your fetish everywhere.

anon, that kind of thinking will get people in jail for the stupidest crap.

even if you're not into lolis, imagine having your computer confiscated for one reason or another in an alternate universe where America HAETs lolis. Now, you being the no-loli man you are might think you're safe, right? However, the gov guys come back and say that these huge boob'd anime ladies say they're 17! 18 is the legal limit! so you get thrown in jail because drawings have rights.

Australia has it worse since a legal-aged small-boobed lady could get you thrown in jail too! A crude drawing of a stick figure giving another stick figure a blowjob and proclaiming that the stick figures are only 8 years old will get you thrown into jail!

It's this type of thinking that'll have the popo harass dumb nerd losers rather than catch actual rapists, murders, and general scum-bags.

So you see, even if you don't wanna tap it, that loli butt stands for freedom, integrity, and trust. It is a foundation in which we understand one another and aim for a cleaner and more responsible society.

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