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Then I have a game just for you my friend!
At your local piracy site, you can grab yourself a FREE copy of the critically acclaimed Heroes Of Might And Magic III and revel in the pleasure of playing the city of [Necropolis]

Your one-stop shop to all things bullshit, [necropolis] heroes allow you to resurrect a minimum of 10% of your slain foes as skeletals, live out your dream of constructing your perfect communistic utopia as you shove every unit not fit in your image into the Skeleton Transformer, making even the gayest elves into proud necropolis citizens. Did we mention your necromancy can be enhanced through various effects? assemble yourself a Cloak Of The Bullshit King and watch as your enemies turn into Liches and your Necro skill gets enhanced by an extra 30% free of charge! choose your main man Isra and boost his expert necro skill through leveling and attain another 30 percent, of course don't forget to buy the Necromancy Amplifier while your at it!

Watch your enemies cry and brandish irl weapons in your direction as your fun train refuses to stop and you decimate everything in your direction, the game is yours and your alone if you join you local necropolis castle today

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