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>some egotist says that he is god
>runs around calling non-jews dogs
>>just kidding I hate my own kind
>fuck you asshole DIE
>jewish move on
>rome falls
>>m-maybe the jewish have it right?
>>yes goy worship us!
>>nevermind, catholicism :^)
>islam not falling for it, get out
>they don't get out
>drama ever sense over their bullshit
>all they had to do was believe in jesus
>they didn't because he was a cunt that only goyim would fall in love with as an excuse to get out of sinning ironically

Jesus is a big fat two way street. You'd go to hell if not for him, ergo you do whatever you wish.

also, by the by, back on topic now, legends has godesses and shit fuck off christfaggot(s) you're shit sin =fun, anyway,


is an interdasting site I found looking at le all seeing eye art of the Legends. You realize lots have antennas on top of the eye? Reeks of Juno controlling them if you ask me. There's even near by controller bots for one kind of reaverbot.

I don't think he was necessarily hibernating for a very long period.

And about robots making robots, it really did come full circle as Tron had her 'kids' of which were robots. And predictably, she's the bag 'guy'.

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