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Back then only people with good muscle memory, time, autism, adderalls and drugs finished them. A study showed only few beat them when most lied or used save states.

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I found this archived thread with at least one Genesis image.

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One time a friend brought over this Genesis game to my house. It was about robots or cyborgs or some shit. I think it was a sidescroller but I'm not sure. One really neat thing about the game was that you could pull off other robot's parts. Like take off another robot's arm (and maybe attach it to yourself and start using it - this part I'm not so sure of). It had neat sound effects, too. When you'd pull an arm off there'd be this weird sound, kinda like a video game plunger.

It was a really cool game to my ten year old brain, have no idea what it was. The art style was kinda dark (not as in dark edgy, I mean literally dark, lots of blacks and blues). For the love of god somebody tell me what this game was.

You can post your own queries too.

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And finally

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Genesis Montage

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And another. Probably my last one.

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