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>Hell Revealed

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Well in terms of 1:1 I would like to imagine it like this...
What if in 1992 we had computers like we do now. But for one reason or another FPS as a genre had almost nothing awesome or nobody had dared to make something more than a de-facto simulator.
- Enter in iD software who has the balls to throw players into the pits of hell.
- Part of the reason the game was called DOOM is because its assumed the player character is Going To Die and they're just going out with a bang. It is supposed to be a gritty hard game that kills the player often. The only real winning move is not to play, but thats no fun.
And lets say they still want to throw this meatgrinder at players like they did but they have the technology to go about making it like some VR fantasy.
So I think its plausible to make the game in a 3d environment and be roughly about like the originals were. Except without the ambiguous level structuring, with more functionality, being able to rely on falling, ladders vs lifts, pulling up to a ledge instead of jumping.
Like pottery
Every time the solution is the Seashell argument
- combine the tough and the hard together.
Give them better AI and make the move
Give them interesting abilities at the same time
Heck give them attacks that differ based on distance... arcing fireballs that do more damage, and faster ones that dont drop that do less far away. Mancubus lighting you up with deadly flamethrower action up close.

Im also pretty sick of this points/pips mechanic where killing monsters gives you immediate +2 or +5 bits of health or whatever.
Make the damn health RARE and an item you have to Reach, to make you appreciate it more, and deeply desire to avoid BEING HIT AT ALL.
> like final doom's Berserker packs, which replaced what might have been multiple medi-kits more evenly distributed
> its not the same, its not trying to be
Thats the debate and the criticism.
I have never played D44M or QC or anything post-2007 really.

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>Doom is boring and never looked good. It doesn't appear 3D and the enemies look and act like a joke.
>like a joke

It's a video game. Honestly its apparent to me you weren't even alive at the time. I get not liking it but...how were these graphics a joke at the time? They were anything but. Grats on outing yourself, retard.

>Sonic the Hedghog is repatative, easy and not fun. b but it's fast!! so what it's just a run through game that doesn't get better as you progress.

Errors with this sentence aside, you can boil down every game to what they are at their core to make them sound like shit. This criticism of platformers is nothing new and doesn't really hold any merit. If you just hold right and only right you aren't going to clear the game.

>the MS was superior to the NES, and Mario aside, had the better titles.

kek, ok hipster-fag.

>The SNES had better visuals and sound than the MD but the MD could handle more action on screen. Other than that it's only about titles

That isn't an unpopular opinion. It's the common consensus and anybody perpetuating that dead Console War is just doing it for nostalgic value. Most people give the edge to SEGA for the SEGA Arcade games/Treasure games and to Nintendo for the 1st party lineup and Square Soft RPGS/Capcom games but in the end they both have great libraries.

shitty start for a shitty thread. great.

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What is this wad called? I'd like to try it out.

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What if EoE was non-canon and the true 3rd Impact was just Segata Sanshiro ad infinitum?

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This anon knows what's up.

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Do you guys savescum?

I did on my first on only playthrough of Doom (and Doom 2), and I'm wondering if you guys do it/did it too.

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I leave to play Sapphire.wad for five fucking minutes and /b/ invades.

Time to get the super shotty.

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Well, shit, almost forgot about dinner. I'll be back.

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What's the "average" high score in Mars Matrix?

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>That one message that means the level will be full of barrels
Absolutely Irritating

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Switcheroom is so fucking good

>that episode 1 secret level

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I haven't been using Save states. I died over and over and over on the first three Mega Man games and on Mega Man 4 I died several times to Drill Man, as well as Pharoahman and touched spikes a few times in one of the Dr.C levels.

Other than that its been a cakewalk compared to the first three. Namely Mega Man 1. Jesus christ I was raped repeatedly by Yellow Devil.

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Post your craigslist stories.

>See ad for Mega Man 6 CIB
>Holy shit, pretty good deal
>No phone number listed. No location listed. No address listed.
>Email them anyway
>No replies from the author
>Couple days later, he relists the advertisement
>Email him again

This happens to me all the time for some reason. Why do people list ads without contact information and then not check their emails? It makes absolutely no sense to me.

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My SNES AC Adapter seems to be missing. I don't know what could have happened to it, but I need a new one.

Problem is: I keep reading all these reviews online about third party replacements either not working or worse: Damaging their SNES due to improper power input/output.

The last thing I want to do is damage my SNES and ninty quit selling these babies a while ago. No one in my area will sell the real deal or has any spares.

What are my options /vr/? Should I potentially waste money and destroy my SNES or just let my SNES RIP?

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Then why don't they go play co-op on one of the many other servers?

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Literally the first google result.

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Hideous destructor with AEons of death and ZDCMP2

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>I eat Ultra Violence doom for breakfast

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