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people who want standalone emulators don't remember the plugin based abominations which are still alive and thriving. at least retroarch expects developers to make emulators just werk in one standard of rendering, sounds and input controls

>>3958345 is hypocritical because MESS, which is basically a shitty Retroarch, exists and it is a part of MAME project

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>[netorare] [rape] [scat] [urination] [vomit]

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the most frustrating maps are the regular ones

>MFW Caco-Lover
>MFW the end of Dimensional Accelerator

jesus fucking god, i enjoy a challenge but this is like getting hate-fucked

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>complaining about the art while you're fucking ruining it with filters

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Going Down made me re-evaluate my life

but like, in a good way

>MFW 200 Mega Hurts

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>reach the fetid caverns
>no torch

this shit is nightmare fuel

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>The two common sayings at the time were that for the price of a PS3 you could buy both a 360 and a Wii, and that the PS3 had no games.
>tfw there are people who don't remember this and this is already history

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