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>it's the schoolshooter guy again

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Why the fuck is Doom being discussed on /ac-
Actually I don't want to know

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it looks so fuckin bad. the gameplay kinda looks like it's mean to harp on diablo but then they're lampooning doom and duke nukem so idk what the fuck they are trying to do

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Hating tumblr is not a pasttime exclusive to /pol/.

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>because of the controller

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>When the display is running, it doesn't use any more power than a flat panel.

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why is cacodemon such a meme? Started playing Doom few days ago and it's the one thing (besides doomguy face on UI) I realized I saw few times already, possibly even before I knew about doom.

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>There was one nice place on 4chan

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You're just retarded

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I like how you think.

Oh. That's lame, you should make it a long range liquid jet with a thin spread, doing really horrible damage to whatever it hits, that sets it apart from the shotgun attack and provides a different function.

I guess you could make it like a single shot attack with a reload/recharge animation, like it's a canister with pressured gas that projects a charge of napalm a far distance

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A lone baron is useless in a large, wide open area with no support, but make him a door guard and he's an actual obstacle you have to contend with.
Likewise, a Mancubus is only token at best in a similar scenario, but put him up on a ledge during an encounter with other monsters and he's a serious problem. Optionally, he's at ground level with the other monsters and his large volume of hellfire pisses everyone off and the tide of a fight can flip like a coin.

Everything is about how you use your monsters, they can all be a serious hazard if employed properly.

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>Romero recording demos with mouse input proves nothing

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Your picture is F91

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>A 1994 level is a level designed in the style of levels being made and distributed in 1994, the year after Doom was released. As Doom level editing was in its infancy at the time, with tools being primitive and mappers lacking experience, such levels were typically of a substandard nature. 1994 levels may include simplistic architecture, misaligned textures and inappropriate monster usage (eg. multiple Cyberdemons in every level).

>Because skill at level editing often comes from experience, many authors go through a "1994 level" stage in their development. Levels designed by inexperienced authors may be referred to as "1994" WADs, even though they are created many years later.

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Is there a difference?

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