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Don't feel like a piece of shit for not liking something other people do. That's some peer expectation shit you're putting on yourself.

That said, I don't know. What of it do you feel is bringing it down for you? The thing is that most problems are solved by maps and mods. Too slow or easy? Try a harder mapset. Weapons, monsters or mechanics not doing the trick? Get a mod (Smooth Doom makes them fun to use).

Hell, if you like Duke so much you can just go get Samsara, pick Duke and play as him for a bit.

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Settle down you sperglords - I already changed the ini so any future screen I post doesn't inflame your autism

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I used to make maps for Duke 3D.

The thing is, build/mapster are very tedious editors to work with. Lots of fiddling with sprites, constant minute texture aligning/scaling, and flipping between 3D/2D mode to get things right. And shit gets even more aggravating if you're working in a tight area with lots of overlapping sectors.
I've started lots of maps, but never finished a single one.

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>But it was still the best console port and a great game

From: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=RPr7RfWGPHw
>...In reality the Saturn is much worse. The graphics and framerate are the only thing that's better. The architecture in the levels is simplified, there are levels cut out, as well as parts of levels. The controls are much worse than the PSX, the game runs at about 80% of the speed of other ports. The PSX has much more, varied music. The Saturn has less interactivity, no rotating sectors, no subways or transports, and very little scripting. The Saturn port is beautiful, but it's bare bones.

Yup - hyperbole. The only redeeming features of Saturn Duke are online and Death Tank.

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Gearbox owns the Duke Nukem IP now.

I hope they make some use of it sometime down the line. The IP is toxic now, but I'd love to see another stab at an over the top shooter that doesn't take itself seriously. FPSs are too serious for their own good these days.

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