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Is there a way to replace the base games instead of wasting the 2nd USB for the drive w/ games? I wanna use 2 controllers for modded games

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I swear I've seen this exact post before, word for word, same picture.

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it all led up to this specific moment.

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What exactly should I check/change?
A... Anon-kun

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>Doom 64 groaning at the start

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Give us some hot leaks
Or at least the name, because it sounds cool

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Thanks guys.
Time to finally learn this shit.

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>A pain elemental emits a strange, ear piercing "OOGA BUNG" upon spotting a player.
>In common with the Donald Trump and the spiderdemon, the pain elemental has a relatively wide character sprite, which allows the player to chip away at its massive asscheeks without entering its line of sight.
>However, in Brutal Doom, the emmy award winning, definitive version of Doom, supported by John Romero, blessed by Jesus, hated by Hitler, a pain elemental will shit violently when destroyed (unless via babality), subjecting anything nearby, including the player, to potentially fatal rectal damage.
>Shaq's Inner Demon (Normal Colors, But with Shaquille O'neal's face replacing the original)
>The designers set a limit to the monster's attack, so as to not overpopulate a level with shit. If there are 21 or more turds in a level, pain elementals will not produce their projectile feces when they attack.
My sides are gone help

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>On my local Craigslist about a month ago
>Never see anything good, everyone is selling Xbox 360/PS3/Wii shit
>See a listing with a PS2 and NES lot
>NES lot has a ton of good games like Ghosts n' Goblins, a Mega Man game, Adventures of Lolo, etc
>Also had a PS2 lot with a shitload of RPG's
>Really nice ones too like the first two .Hack games
>Found it 3 hours after it had been posted
>Contact the guy
>Never heard from him

I hate this shit. Competition is really stiff in my area now. It's hard to find good stuff anymore.

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>motherfuckers who don't know 'bout Crazy Drake

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... how the literal fuck can you even tell? It's just a generic anime sameface.

Like seriously. I'm not trying to be a dick or anything. I really would like to know how you even came to that conclusion.

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guys, its over. brace for the oncoming scrub flood.

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