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For perspective, I played with dark doom lite and the ambient music pack on Hideous difficulty.

The gameplay and mechanics took a long while to get used to, even when referring to the guide, but once I got a good handle on things by the end of E1, everything just felt so satisfying. Every magazine grabbed, every potion downed, every enemy fragged accompanied a sense of accomplishment that never really diminished, even at the end of the game. All the weapons felt satisfying to use once finally figuring out how to use them (looking at you, plasma gun).

By the end, there were only a few gripes I had with the otherwise solid gameplay.
-Long distance travel / key searching was Hell
-Never really figured out how the reserve bullets work
-Armor felt too long lasting for the protection it provided
-Medkits felt too long lasting
-Second flesh was a rather confusing mechanic being combined into the medkit, would be nice if it were a second inventory item or used up medkits at a higher rate
-Never had a use for stimpacks; medkits were typically quick enough
-Potions and soulspheres are OP because of outright removing aggregate wounds; it'd be nice if it just reset the aggregate wounds to 100, with the soulsphere restoring health to 100 as well.
-To that end, the game got exponentially easier whenever I acquired a soulsphere and blue armor
-Though unloading dropped shotguns was rather useful, salvaging magazines from dropped rifles was only useful as long as your reserve ammo wasnt full
-Lost soul death explosions killed me inside
-Barons and Cyberdemons felt too non-aggressive. Are they set to wander instead of chase?
-Monster resurrection scared the ever living shit out of me, mostly because I had no idea what caused it; arguably should stay that way

but yeah it just gets too easy when you've got magic-enhanced health and blue armor.
all in all, 9/10 would shill for

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