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Exactly. Squares textured with distorted sprites.

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From a technical viewpoint it's kinda interesting how things were done with Tomb Raider on the Saturn (or pretty much all Saturn games, that used distored sprites to draw 3D).

But on the other side, I never was a fan of the Tomb Raider series in the first place. I played the TR1 Demo on some PS1 Demo Disc back in the day but got discourage by the horrible controls and the sub par blocky graphics even for PS1-Standards.

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The Saturns way of doing 3D is super-super weird. It works completely different then the usual polygonal triangles and instead uses quads with sprite distortion to draw 3D stuff. Of course devs had to do this since 3D on the Saturn was just an afterthought and they were forcing the 2D hardware to do things it wasn't designed for in the first place.


Making 3D games for the system indeed must've been a real pain in the ass.

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