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Really depressed about this. Billy was the arcade elder we all looked up to, a man against the evils of credit feeding, a man who prided himself on not only high 1CC scores, but high ONE MAN scores (e.g. when people would ask Billy: "wow, are you still on your first quarter?" Billy would say, "I'm on my first man."), a man who became something of an arcade ambassador.

Now word is out that his runs had an unusually high number of barrel and flame smashes, which can only be accomplished by restarting the level over and over until the RNG is in your favor. To do this, you would use save states and then stich together footage of your highest scoring sequences to make it look like one continuous play. So Billy fuckin' Mitchell used save states. That's worse than credit feeding!

Billy let the arcade community down, he let his legacy down, and most importantly, he let America down. All these heroes, nothing but feet of clay.

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