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>that button placement

Why? This is how you do it. Even better though is the left button being higher than right one.

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id rather get a GBA

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Hiro is allowing boards to openly discuss their rules, basically to determine how we want things ran.
Original thread: >>3496160

GBA, with it's huge ties with retro franchises and consoles, has long been suggested to be fully allowed on /vr/ like the Dreamcast, and the old poll shows that may just be the consensus.

However the slippery slope is feared by some that this may allow the rest of the sixth generation, even though pro-GBA don't seem to consider PS2/XBox retro, though GCN isn't being slammed as hard with it's ties to the GBA.

The new poll is to address the concerns of everyone, and should help with a final consensus of how /vr/ views the sixth generation as a whole.

New Poll: http://www.strawpoll.me/11234131/

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Main thread: >>3496160
Hiro is allowing us to discuss what rules/changes we want on our boards. Basically, he's allowing us to decide how we want our boards ran.

Since this board is to slow to wait to include the poll in the next OP of the main thread, we can have this thread so everyone knows to share their input.

Poll: http://www.strawpoll.me/11225706

I think it's been about a couple years since people have been arguing that GBA should be allowed here. It's always being talked about. After we let some time pass, the poll should show a good consensus of what /vr/ wants. If the poll results call for a change, it'll be the simplest way to share our consensus with Hiro.

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Let's settle this then.

We tell Hiro to bend the rules to the results of the poll after we give time for everyone to vote their input.

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Retro is irrelevant. That term is outmoded. It's archaic. Retro by definition is 15 years or older.

Crude 2D Gaming
-Magnavox Odyssey, Pong
This era was dominated by Table Tennis type games. This is the era where gaming is in it's infancy.

Early 2D Gaming
-Atari 2600, Colecovision, Intellivision, etc.
This era was dominated by early 2D Gaming. This is the era where gaming begins to evolve.

Polished 2D Gaming
-NES, Sega Master System, Atari 7800, etc.
This is the era where 2D gaming is perfected. The best games of all time are released for these systems, ported to these systems, and true multi-generation franchises are born as well as modern gaming iconography and modern characters.

Upgraded 2D Gaming, Crude 3D Gaming
-Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, etc.
This is the era where 2D Gaming is continually evolving. Bigger stories, longer games, better graphics, more colors. Very crude, rudimentary 3D begins mostly on the Genesis, but then on the SNES with the FX chip and SVP chip on the Genesis. Modern game design begins, but is limited due to the controllers at the time - (one of the quoted reasons Mario 64 was moved to the Nintendo 64)

Dying 2D Gaming, Early 3D Gaming
-Nintendo 64, Sega Saturn, PlayStation
This is the era that 2D begins to die, and the era that arcade ports are starting to fade as arcades themselves die out.

We are introduced to modern gaming, 3D analog sticks, and fully exploitable multi-level, huge and massive worlds that could never have existed before. Games span multiple CDs and can take days to complete. Memory cards become standard as many games now take multiple days to complete.

Polished 3D Gaming
-Dreamcast, Xbox, GameCube, etc.
This is the era where modern gaming is expanded upon, with the advent of faster internet speeds and the Dreamcast popularizing internet out of the box. Everything is kept from the previous era, but polished and made to look better, flow better, and feel better, including physics and more powerful hardware.

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So GBA is 15 years old this year, which was the how old the dreamcast was when it was considered retro enough for discussion here. Is GBA discussion allowed yet?

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Im glad that with the new year passing we can begin to discuss additional consoles since everyone who isnt a pants shitting baby knows that having a permanently fixed point in time as the basis for discussion is stupid and inhibits discussion thus making for an unsustainable community in the long run since all discussion is limited to a fixed period of time will eventually run its course and begin to become stale and boring.

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Starting tomorrow GBA discussion is open to /vr/.

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With the release of 8th generation consoles is the GBA considered retro now?

And if so can we have a thread about snes games the GBA did better? Like Breath of Fire adding the run button in the GBA port, I can't play the snes version now.

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Mods. Is the GBA now accepted on /vr/?

You have left a thread up now since thursday. Half the posts in the thread are bitching about whats /vr/ or not.

Can you please for the love of god clarify if the GBA is now /vr/ or can you delete the thread? Current rules say GBA is NOT /vr/

People are confused.

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I'm hoping at least GBA will be /vr/ retro at some point. Most of us own one, and it would certainly stimulate some discussion around here.

Even though DC was recently welcomed into the fold, it was always overshadowed by the popularity of the N64 and PS1, so it hardly ever gets discussed here.

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2015 02 17

Never forget, the beginning of the end

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Sup /vr/

I just bought one of these bad boys, and was wondering what would you consider essential Gameboy games? GBA, gameboy color or original gameboy games are all fine with me, i like a good retro game so those are all fine. What should I get first? i already bought pokemon silver and crash bandicoot the huge adventure.

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whats the best gba emulator? please halp vr

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