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>But then again, these are the same people who think Brutal Doom is trash, so it probably boils down to just having shit taste.

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I don't go to /a/ nor am i trying to push anything. I used the pic cause of the expression on the face. It being an anime character isn't why i used it. This is an imageboard that started off as a place to discuss anime. If you notice a good deal of the reaction images are anime or manga in origin. I bet alot of those are used by people that dont even watch anime or read manga. But anyway I'm not picking a fight or trolling. But anyway the website doesn't seem that bad the few articles i read real quick were well written. The only thing is like most websites of this type alot of the articles are about games that have been written about tons of times. What could possibly be said about Castlevania that hasnt been said thousands of times already. Its the same thing with alot of the threads on this board a good deal if the time. People just pick the same handful of games to talk about like Earthbound or Chrono Trigger and what-have-you and it makes things just seem stagnate. Its the threads that are about a game you really arent familiar that are usually the ones that make for better dicussion but people dont do that cause their worried they'll be called an idiot for liking a game that other claim they dont like even though they never played it to begin with. But anyway OP, bringing up reviewers is like open up a can of worms on this site in general cause some people hate them and the others will defend them to end. So whether or not you are shilling this thread will end up with results that you probably weren't expecting unless this was a bait thread, than in that case you succeed and it was a 10/10 post

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At one point Nintendo was giving away this game for free, so technically you overpaid. This game isn't rare by a longshot; it's just overhyped and overrated. There are better RPGs on the Super Nes. But this thread was just bait anyway so i give you 2/10, cause you made me reply. Its the best i can do for ya.

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You started pretty good OP and you almost had me...7/10 thats the best i can do...

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