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>unironically taking this worthless thread seriously

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>it's one of my favorite games
>except I've never experienced the sound design properly
>and I dislike a major graphical shader that's a major part of the atmosphere
>and refuse to play it properly

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Or you can just pick up viletim's kit for a little over a hundred bucks and put it in yourself and stop being so buttmad that you didn't get in in a pro monitor when they were dirt cheap.

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ITT: t. poorfag shitting all over other people's hobbies cause they're jealous.

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>Along with the irony of trying to build a wall in defense of refugees fleeing from countries that are corrupt shitholes in large part because of earlier US meddling.

How the fuck is this irony you shit eating retard? I've been opposed to the federal government and it's foreign policy and now it's my job to clean up their mess? I never supported jigonism so don't put the burden of baby sitting millions of drooling mestizo retards on me.

Let me guess, you also think just because the neocon NATO muppets in Yurope keep bombing Middle Eastern nations for the benefit of Israel and Saudi Arabia, it's the duty of the average citizen to babysit the Islamic refugees these actions create?

FUCK NO! Our job is to oppose the government and the actions that create these situations in the first place, not fucking force citizens to clean up the mess.

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Wtf are you doing here, kek

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It emulates all 4th gen and below you stupid fuck. How new are you? You know what? Just go back to retard era, that suites you better. You know the wii has the best sega cd emulation, especially for lightgun games like snatcher patched? No you didnt cause youre FUCKING RETARDED!

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>i-if I add a heart at the end ill sound like a real woman
>because this is how women on 4chan always talk

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If I were a scummy business man, I'd propose additional Netflix package options such as pay $5 extra per month for classic movies, or $10 extra for anime, $25 extra for live sports streaming etc - kind of how cable companies sold channel packages.

Normies would snatch it up and it wouldn't alienate the people who wanted the baseline package for the baseline price.

Oh shut the fuck up. I'm a "poc" (by the way I hate that phrase) and I'm sick of people like you ruining the narrative by saying dumb shit like "durr SJW means you get screen time" as if that's all he meant it entails. Representation is a different beast than pushing some horseshit "woke" liberal political philosophy and you know it. Stop acting like you don't know this.

Hulu snatched a lot of Netflix's best TV shows.

>buy Nintendo game
>buy it again for Wii virtual console
>buy it again for Switch after Nintendo drops VC support
>rent it again for a monthly fee after Nintendo switches to a streaming model and drops support for the Switch store

Do Nintendo fans really do this?

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>p-pls play my dead genre w-with me ;_;

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>I grab whatever isn't price gouged on the reseller market.
I already addressed this in my post. Your protestations sound to me like sour grapes, as if I'm supposed to sympathize for you being a Johnny-come-lately that didn't get games when he could have. Those games you complain about being gouged by the resale market I got years ago. You had ample opportunity to get them and chose not to, and now you think you have some sort of right to complain about prices and are entitled to deals.

The fact that you admit to having a flash cart and still purchase Japanese copies of games that got an English release runs counter to your assertion that you are smart with money. You question why this elicits pity and the reason is disgust at your lame excuses.

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