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the release of that song was very shortly before his first case going public
>I mean, didn't Jews produce the records to be sold?
again, after leaving the 5, he re-negotiated all his contracts, from a position of extreme power. he turned the tables, as he knew they needed him more than he needed them. thats how he got so filthy rich in the 80s. from off the wall onwards he went platinum on each several times over. normal royalty rates for artists on record sales at the time were ~1%. i dont doubt he was making well over 10x that
>If not, did they quickly pull it from shelves?
it was a pretty big scandal for about 5 minutes, but was quickly forgotten in the face of molestation allegations
>Did they allow it in its uncensored form to be played on the radio or MTV?
no. at least not for long, and definitely not uncensored
>Was it supposed to be said in solidarity in some way?
i think he was just fed up/pissed off
i have a sneaking suspicion that, as the 80s were closing and his fame had "peaked" (or at least leveled off), that he was being pressured by his label to give back some of his cut. clearly he didnt budge, and so they struck back below the belt. as a result, his career was irreparably damaged due to the fallout from the first case

im not saying the dude was an lideral gnatsee, as he definitely was on friendly terms with some jews throughout his life, and iirc even had a jewish lawyer for the case in question. but he clearly had some serious reservations about dealing with the sleazy record exec bigwigs who were overwhelmingly jewish

polite sage for schizophrenia

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