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As a kid it was fine, as an adult I'm stunned at how uncomfortable it is. It's simultaneously too big, but really hollow and cheap feeling while being incredibly cramped. The natural orientation is all kinds of fucked up. Holding it where north = north and not north-west requires active measures to counteract. These days there's more of them with broken fucked up sticks and not suitable replacements. All for a console with not many games to begin with.

Also watching people who never had an n64 back then try to figure it out today is a hilarious problem Nintendo has.

To any defenders of it, what is actually GOOD about it? And not made up specifications like the analog stick being "the most accurate ever because it's a ball mouse without the ball!" which was always bullshit.

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>Did you replaced it with the Kitsch-Bent ones??

Yes, but only the gears. The other parts are still worn out. I can't get the full range of the stick unless I hold it like the girls here.

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Well I love my N64 and would never do that to another console. Especially a game gear screen.

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How tiny is the mini joystick?

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I feel the same way about kazooie vs tooie.
Even if the later levels of tooie get a big grand and a little exhausting to explore it still did everything kazooie did but better.

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Trigger thread

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You all lose.

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