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Sorry for the late reply but my question is what I should do with the circled area of my map. All those random smaller squares are giant crates. Map theme is a warehouse. Here's how the map should flow:
>Player spawns, fights monsters in first room outside player start. Shotgun in the small north closet by green door. Other north room is a monster closet that opens when red key is picked up.
>Can't used locked green door yet, so player goes south into hallway. Encounters red door and blocked off path, so they can only go into the west "utility" area. Orange door is secret door that's locked (switch in monster closet mentioned above).
>Player uses switch in the northern part of the utility area to open the green door and collect red key causing a small ambush in starting area. Player then proceeds through red door into loading dock area. Sees locked blue doors and proceeds into little connector room right above them.
This is where I'm kinda lost at what I should do next. They need to get the blue key next which is inside storage, go back to docks and unlock loading bay blue doors, then flip a switch inside the loading bay to lower some bollards leading to the yellow key. The area surrounding all this inside the circled area feels a little bland right now.

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