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>either a slimline PS2 with blocked sensors or a slide card to open the door on a phat PS2
Or a fliptop PS2 - But I still prefer PC emulation. I do have the girls at Cash America watching out for a 4-usb PS3 for me not that it's especially /vr/ related but it may end up working better for me now that they can be softmodded again. Has that exploit from earlier this year even been patched yet or does Sony not really care anymore?

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Fliptop fat PS2 cases have reappeared. Also the same Chinese company or companies that make "fake" ps3 controllers seem to have started making wireless PS2 controllers with dongles for $8 and a version that has a PS2 to directinput converter in their dongles for $12. I'm thinking about checking one out.

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This. When someone says to get a flip top, they mean get one of these case mods for a phat. They don't mean get a slim.

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Should have got a fliptop case back when I tried to tell you to.

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Softmod your PS2 and use PSXLoader to boot your imports and backups.

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You can still boot burned PS1 games with the softmod and a top loader. At the beginning of this year NOS fat fliptops appeared on eBay out of France of all places and I tried mentioning them every chance I could to the point I got banned for spamming but I really wanted as many Anons as possible to have the sweet joy of both top loading and IDE HDD

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