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Finally remembered I have a DC that I can get the 240p test suite running on to send my FV310 some test patterns

It's looking.. not incredible, but not terrible. Has anyone had success using the service menu pincushion adjustments? Still don't have a remote, when I get one I think just dialling in vertical/horizontal size and doing whatever can be done to address the pincushioning/vertical bowing in the service menu should have me happy for good. Maybe get some convergence strips and see if the corners can get more locked in but I'm not seeing much reason to fuck around with the yoke, fortunately.

I honestly wonder if corner convergence is such a common issue on Wegas partially due to the tech, but also because they werent really totally concerned with how video games looked on it, particularly 2D ones where you're really gonna see these things. With proper aspect ratios for movies being a touted feature coming out of the VHS pan n scan era, who cares if the corners are a bit off so long as the center of the screen where people are actually looking is super sharp?

Also, it's really fun to watch old 4:3 TV dvds via component on this thing, and any NTSC 60i video. Underrated feature of having a decent crt

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