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I had this weird idea... with all these modern sourceports with reduced limitations when it comes to Doom mapping... has anyone ever attempted or actually succeeded in using the shareware maps as a base to combine all 9 maps of the episode into one gigantic map? You could try to form the outer structure of the original maps according to their visualization on the crater intermission screen, and connect the levels with some contrived linear pathways on the surface of the moon. Then of course you'd also have the secret tunnels that connect the Refinery to the Military Base and the base to Command Control. The first problem I can recognize is that it's one music track per map.

Since the shareware maps are basically free game, (pun intended) it would be perfectly legal as well, right?

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So last night i had an idea for /vr/.wad

Everyone gets to do a certain area using ONLY stuff from Episode 1 (textures, enemies, items, etc). My original plan was to use pre-1999 utilities to design the map. So that would've rendered us to DeePsea as the map editor of choice

Now HOLD ON, HOLD ON, HOLD ON, let me explain. I do know how annoying and utterly outdated is, so I found a workaround for this. We shall use the shareware limit of DeePsea as a rule to create our submissions using something more convenient and modern like Doom Builder

The shareware limit for the maps is 800 linedefs and 1200 sidedefs. And quite frankly it isn't that much of a limit for something like the stuff we're going to do anyways. WAD should and must be Boom compatible (latest release was in 1998 and PrBoom was created that same year).

(Yes, ZDoom was born that same damn year but are we really going to take the hassle to check what was allowed to do prior to 2000? Also just fucking see Hellbound, you don't really need that much to create something impressive)

There's no limit for submissions or whatever. I was thinking of putting all our submissions together in one single big map, unless you guys want 'em to do as if they were episodes? I dunno

Feel free to submit ideas and suggestions

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