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You're both really retarded.

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>But it hasn't
Of course it has. On video, in fact.
>No one is struggling with the controls either
Then what are you whining about?
>two decades worth of better 3D platformers really hasn't helped it's case either
Super Mario 64 perfected 3d platforming movement. It's only been downhill since then.
>Why are you making things up in support of your bad argument?
Everything I have stated is true.
>So you admit that Mario 64's controls are different from most other platformers.
Yes, in subsequent Mario games you were given fewer movement options and each of those movement options were given less depth. There is no longer a learning curve, hence newer movement engines were designed for people who are shit at games and/or retarded.

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Super Mario 64 has objectively more complex movement mechanics than any game released since, though.
>has subpar gameplay elements compared to quality platforming entries of the era such as Crash and Spyro which actually dared to break new ground.
Oh, so you're actually retarded.

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>The Pinnacle 64 era platforming was Banjo Kazooie
>Mario 64, while significantly inferior
Ah, I too prefer ground pounding letters and farting eggs to actual fast paced movement and freedom.

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>Running around in an empty space looking for shit
You're retarded, aren't you?

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