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Chrono Trigger
Sonic 3 & Knuckles
Mega Man X

I never get sick of those 3.

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All I'm saying is for alot of people this feels like a total asspull. To hear Crono and Marle, who defeated fucking Lavos, probably died from a nameless mook of Dalton is pretty surreal and feels out of nowhere.

More then anything it just bummed people out. As I said, of course people were goimg to have a bias for the game they already played and loved. I think with a better budget and schedule the game would have been much better. It's not a total mess like xenogears but a lot of aspects are underdeveloped, the fact Kid is only relevant for like a 1/4 of the game despite being the second most important character is pretty shitty.

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No, it's honestly stupid and he sounds so much better in the ds version. I would get it if every mone in 600 A.D. spoke that way, it would be annoying to read but make sense, but having only Frog do it is just shitty. Honestly Woolsey was often given shitty time schedules, I think he had only a month to do CT. For the time is was fine but the ds translation is much better with only a few things removed like Ayla's comment to Marle about her breasts

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