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>Any of those DIY SBC kits
>not portable unless you buy the kits

no one's going to take you seriously when you're not even literate, anon

you can buy/print everything you need individually and make it yourself without a kit, btw

also most of them aren't based on the rpi and it's cute that you think that the rpi is somehow more work to configure than PSP emulation software

also enjoy your frameskip on the PSP lol

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>whoa, the entire universe is just a video game
>oh no, they unplugged it!
>it's fine, through the power of friendship the video game became a real universe!

there, I spoiled the entire series for you

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>You are very naive

Jesus anon, you're cringe as fuck. No, nobody is going to spend money to create all the machinery needed to manufacture CRTs (let alone PVM-tier CRTs) for your niche hobby. It would lose money. This might surprise you, but investors aren't interested in throwing money away.

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>it's another thread where weeaboo vaporwave fags post pictures from the same 3-5 PC-98 vns that they'll never actually play
>it's literally just typical 90's anime art (of the cheap OVA variety) but downscaled and with dither

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>Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete
>beat game
>oh shit, meaningful epilogue that actually unlocks the true ending
>all these dungeons and hints at some epic final boss, maybe this'll be interesting
>dungeons are all boring as fuck, literally wiping all trash in a single cast
>bosses are trivial
>final "epic" boss is a 1-on-1 gimmick fight with the main character

Such a waste.

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>get banned from /vr/ for posting scans of a Japanese gaming magazine from the 80s which included a thumbnail of a blurry, pixelated, monochrome nipple
>furfag threads get ignored by mods

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>OP starts innocent thread about 8 bit computers
>immediately flooded with "HURPA HURR EUROPOOR KEK GET TRUCK OF PEACE'D"
why are americans on hobby boards so insufferable? is this the first time you come into contact with the outside world?

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Trash. If you're going to ruin a SNES, at least go all out and vinyl wrap it.

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>people like steve jobs and barrack obama

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I don't understand why anyone would even want any of these toys. They're retarded miniature replicas with SoC emulation. If that's what you want, buy a fucking RPi.

Personally, I'd rather play on real hardware with a flashcart, or if I have to emulate then a real PC on a 1440p+ 144hz monitor with black frame insertion and quality shaders.

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>it's a FM-author-puts-dozens-of-irrelevant-fanfic-short-stories-in-readables episode

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>greentext is only used for quotes

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>plays JRPGs for the "story"
>calls other people autistic

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>As a game dev myself

Sure thing, kiddo.

>probably caused by the memory limits of the nes

A "game dev" who doesn't know the difference between system memory and cartridge ROM?

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>it's another "find tiny lever behind random piece of furniture in a dark corner of an otherwise uninteresting room" FM
I blame Casing for inspiring people to do this shit.

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>my favorite system is the Atari 5200

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