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>I'm thinking the audience is used to pirating and having this genre for free and that the standards are too high for any single dev to live up to.

You're being way, way, WAY too pessimistic - especially considering that most of these games are funded by the fans in the first place

The problem with the CRPG revival is that most of them are shit. The Shadowrun trilogy for example is one of the worst things I've ever had the misfortune of playing, but Wasteland 2 is without a doubt the best (outside of Divinity Original Sin 2) of the CRPG revival attempts, but it has a problem, a HUGE problem, in fact:

Its design. The game lacks replay value as a result of the way it's designed, as I never realised it until now that Fallout 1 and 2 having your character be the most important added a lot of replay value when designing your character. (Not to mention being able to go where you pleased, as WL2 is borderline mission based and linear)

So if Wasteland 2 were designed smarter from the get go in making you the most important part and making your team more of a zergling army with no skills other than weapons, I could see having a reason to replay WL2.

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Don't you dare call Wasteland 2 a good game

Don't you dare call Wasteland 2 a good game

>Wasteland 2 hangs its hat on substantial choices, and it delivers. Side with a paramilitary organization intent on bringing order to a chaotic trade route, and you’ll be forced to battle the cult that currently controls
the region; or you can side with the cult and do a completely different set of missions, or play the two against each other, or fight them all. These decisions may have resounding effects on your game.


WL2 is a garbage RPG with no replay value. Playing a man or a woman doesn't influence your character because "it's a party based RPG" (aka a game for idiots). Hell, playing a Native American doesn't help your influence with the Natives in the game. These are really simple things the game could have done but went for a social justice appeal instead

The thing mentions how long the game is, yeah, of course it's long when you have huge ass maps that take forever to get from point A to point B, and then you go back to point A after fulfilling a quest requirement

Oh and unlike FO1 or FO2, you can't skip combat scenarios if you're a character weak to combat. Everything about WL2 moves it from an RPG to a bad Xcom clone. I didn't even check to see what this idiot said about that awful Shadowrun trilogy.

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Reminder that the new Shadowrun games are terrible fucking trash and only SJW cuckolds with no taste in vidya would ever recommend them

Wasteland 2 isn't great shakes either but I'd still recommend it over the Shadowsucks trilogy

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