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I recall thinking the catacomb levels were the lizard's tits back when the game first came out. difficulty becomes retarded in the later levels though, and by a wide margin at that. even the most basic hitscan enemy becomes an insufferable bulletsponge able to stand up to at least 3 Mauser shots straight to the head, I'm not making shit up. the game really shits itself over in regards to pacing nearing its end. You'll definitely be creaming your pants when you get to fight the super soldiers and the X thingies though, in a good way.

I'm ashamed to admit though it wasn't until much later that I realized about the knife, luger, machinegun and minigun from wolf3d being in the game I also have to voice out that one anon's thoughts on TNO being reeeeeally lackluster in comparison to it. It's still an okay game by itself though.

snapmap truly has come a long way. there's rumours about a PC exclusive map SDK coming sometime later (info a buddy of mine gathered from an intern at Quakecon months ago), and the removal/expansion of its limitations at a later date, but I'm moved by the kind of stuff people are capable of putting out with it as of now. being able to crank out some pretty neato things working within the limitations of the engine is the spirit of doom itself.

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