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>have hundreds of games on backlog
>weeb shit, lewd shit, RPGs, racing games, other shooters, etc.
>just fire up Doom, Quake, or Duke instead with a random map
>backlog continues to grow

Why is it so addicting? I wish Oblige never died. Even if the maps are easily predictable in structure due to how the program works, it's literally endless entertainment where you can tweak the difficulty. I wish Oblige had true Duke/Quake support, even if it means converting generated Doom maps to Quake/Duke maps like the single version of Oblige that supports Quake did.

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Oh look a thread I can relate to:

Beloko is the developer of the only Doom source ports (and any old FPS game for that matter) you should care about. He made the old source ports and the current app, Delta Touch, that has the latest features on it.

>Android 4.x devices
Google APKs for Doom Touch, Heretic Touch and Hexen Touch, also WolfSDL if you wanna play Wolf3D too. They can run on Android 3.x as well but I doubt anyone has these anymore. Full controller support, keyboard support, and actually decent touch controls. Points to including PrBoom and Chocolate Doom so you can watch demos on actual software instead of videos

>Android 5.x devices and newer
Delta Touch. Pay the small ass price the dev is asking. It even has GZDoom to play all the silly and shitty mods you want on Android. Has up-to-date source ports, even the latest version of Chocolate Doom so you can play vanilla online with others. Also has Zandronum if you like that.
If you really can't be assed to pay a small price for something you'll maybe use a lot, just look up APKs for Doom Touch, Heretic Touch and Hexen Touch by Beloko. They're discontinued everywhere else but Amazon where some people still buy them but the author has a pretty relaxed policy on his stuff. He even gave me a free code for Delta Touch; all you gotta do is just ask nicely. I left him a positive review because really it's the only source port that someone's put a great amount of effort into on Android.

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