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>Then I checked Brutal Doom and that uses some sort of inventory token.

That's A way to do it, but I personally just write reload by having the reload state:
>check if there's ammo to actually load
>then check if ammo needs to be actually loaded, if none of these two, go to Ready
>add one round to the weapon magazine
>subtract one round from the ammunition pool
>let this loop until either the magazine is full, or there's no more rounds to add from the ammo pool
The easiest way is to have these checks and states run at 0 tics (unless you're making something that reloads one round at a time), and then run the reload animation after that (but there's no reason you can't completely implement this between the displaying frames).

Alternatively, you could run on a magazine based deal, where instead of carrying a pool of loose ammunition, you carry a number of magazines, and you subtract a magazine from your inventory to refill your gun (any unfired rounds in a magazine is lost when swapped out)
Some would say this is more realistic.

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Probably the rifle from Accessories To Murder.
I love how you have to look down the sight for long range shooting, yet it still has rapid fire capability for close quarters.

I would have preferred the rifle to be actually semi-automatic, as in, I have to click fire every time to shoot it (because the way it fires at an uneven rate when you hold the mouse button is weird to me), but otherwise, the feel, the graphics, it's all excellent.

Ok, I switched the sound to make it sound more like a .223 rifle than shaking a jar of pennies, but that's a moot point.

Ok, so it's not 100% perfect, but I really really like it.

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Looks great, but there's only thing it needs done, feed-lips on the magazine.

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