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I apologize mods. I'm sure you're getting a lot of notifications. Besides that...

Anyone know a mod/wad that makes use of the objectives screen? I'm trying to get mine to work through some rather shitty ACS, and I'm trying to find an example to work off of; however, it seems that not many wads have utilized the objectives screen, so now I'm sorta stuck trying to find a non-shite way of displaying secondary objectives.

OR if someone knows another way to display a screen with objective information then that'd work too. I just need to find a way to keep the player informed of their options besides a small message at the beginning of each level.

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You could try a sorta Elder Scrolls approach where depending on which direction you're going, when you hold the attack, it changes what kind of attack you're doing; i.e. stabbing/slashing/overhead strike/etc.

It would be a way to increase the moveset of the sword itself, giving the players more options and different ways to wield the sword.

Just an idea.

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For those who are a little intimidated at making Doom maps, here's an example of an author's first time with Doom Builder (the one I would recommend). See what he did wrong, or did right, and see how you could improve/build upon those concepts. There might be parts you hate and parts you love, but it'll give you a sense of first-mappery.


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It's the kart physics: momentum/acceleration/drifting/braking. Doom can't exactly into kart physics.

You could do it, but it'd require a lot of fanangling, patience, hard work, and it probably won't run on anything less than gzdoom or sub.

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Herpaderp I forgot to post a link.


Any idea how much traffic it gets?

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>It was a bit much for the engine back in the day too, I guess.

Really? I never noticed it on my machine or maybe I just dont remember. Fetch puzzles are annoying though, or hitting a switch and not knowing what it did.

There was one part that I do remember though that I fucking loved and it's where you hit an exit switch and then the music stops and all the lights go off and you've just waiting there - then you get into a serious shitfight with a bunch of cacos.

>I can't say it's bad, I can see where it's not to everyone's idea of what good mapping is.

I can always agree to disagree on what people think makes a good map and what does not but what makes my eyes spin into the back of my head is guys acting like if you use a custom asset or zdoom scripting then it's not doom, then hanging around like bad smells slagging off people for not playing doom the right way. People like this stifle creativity and should just fuck off.

Also, nice image.

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Nah, it's ok. WhoDunIt can be fun, it's just I left the general community because, even though everyone was making these cool things, no one would actually play the new, cool things.

I loved Cyberrunner, Internal Conflict, and some other lesser knowns, and it just depresses/irritates me to see the same things being hosted over and over again while new shit just falls to the wayside.

I mad, and now I'll go back to Megaman Battle Network 3.

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