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Why did they originally chose orange color for MGS3 cover art? Every other region including later Japanese release is using green as accent color.

Is there any reason they changed SH2's cover art colors? Both US and PAL cover arts change color depending on system. I'm guessing they chose red to make it look sinister, differentiate, and gain attention for Xbox US. They used green for EU because green wasn't used in original version unlike US. PC is in between color in both cases. Greatest hits EU is red for most likely to get attention.

Silent Hill one seems to be random decision for advertising, but MGS 3 one is confusing. Green is the first color comes to mind when people think of MGS3.

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I just noticed this but JP cover and number of MGS3 is using brown color as ink. EU cover is the same art but zoomed in on Snake and using green color. Later HD collection and Japanese "20th Anniversary" reprint are original JP cover but green coloring. US cover art is very different but number is also green. First JP is the only region with brown colored number. Did they intend brown as the defining color of MGS3?

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