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meanwhile on PS1...

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>ps1 games tend to be prettier
nice meme

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>Soul Reaver suffers a little just by comparison to like the DC version
really makes you think

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>personally I think N64 looks far, far worse
I don't. Because this is allegedly one of the PS1's best looking 3D games.

If an N64 action-adventure game had this much fog, we would never hear the end of it from Sonyfriends.

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beautiful graphics

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>Rarely noticeable at PSX resolution anyways.
bullshit, even in this tiny clip you can see it

and soul reaver is one of the lesser offenders all things considered

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>this is considered to be one of the best looking PS1 games

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here's what one of the best looking PS1 games looks like on real hardware

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>The PS1 hardware nativelly uses full-screen dither to avoid color banding, since it outputs at a lower color depth than it renders internally, it's a feature of the hardware, a feature that makes the games look terrible, exactly like the vaseline-like filter featured on the N64.
The N64's dither filtering is much more aggressive than that of the PS1. It completely eliminates banding, while the PS1 still has banding. Of course, it also looks more blurry as a result.

>on average PS1 games have better draw distances than the N64
Very few PS1 games even attempt long draw distances, but those that do generally have horrible fogging, or some kind of other "catch" like Spyro's extremely aggressive distance LOD which completely strips textures away from anything sufficiently far enough.

Compare that to even a launch title like Mario 64 (to say nothing of later games like Banjo-Kazooie) which preserve texture detail at unlimited distances.

Meanwhile, even late PS1 games that are regarded as having excellent graphics like Soul Reaver have fogging out of the wazoo.

>THPS, Mega Man Legends, Gex 3D, Spider-Man
Congrats, you've identified almost all of the horribly botched ports. Last one you forgot was A Bug's Life.

On the flip side, try comparing the draw distances of South Park Rally, Army Men, and Battletanx. Rayman 2 on PS1 is the only version with fogging (despite the geometrically simplified levels), though it's set pretty far away.

>I'm yet to see a draw distance as bad as Turok's on PS1
Silent Hill, obviously

>Even the less geometrically intensive N64 games have worse textures
Poorly coded games. WDC on N64 has the highest polygon count of the entire 5th generation and it still has better texture quality than shovelware on both consoles.

>4k of texture cache.
Nothing stops developers from breaking large textures up into 4K chunks, in fact the good developers did exactly that.

People need to be reminded how bad PS1 games look on real hardware

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>let's be realistic, how noticeable was the PS1's texture warping on real hardware?

It was always there and pervasive, even in the higher quality games that did tricks to reduce it. Of course if you get immersed enough in anything, you don't tend to nick pick about graphical flaws.

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Nothing wrong with the psx version, also both version feature no loading times, I dont even know how the hell they did that.

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>PS1 and it's far better graphics

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>The whole inability to render anything in the distance...the whole fog effect emphasis on fog.

Are you talking about PS1 or N64?

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>Soul Reaver

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>such as poor camera, poor controls, blur-o-vision, and 15 fps gameplay.

Meanwhile outside of nostalgia goggles and artificial memories, this is how one of the most graphically advanced PS1 games actually looks.

You're delusional if you think the PS1 didn't technically suffer hard from having 5th generation 3D game.

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