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Another thing I loved was playing through the SP maps in DM. Almost ALL of the single player campaign maps were pure gold as far as I was concerned.

Some entrance or exit to the level that doesn't have a loop back?

Usually it had either a teleporter or thats where the cell-chewing weapons were, if somebody was camping it anybody who died going back there deserved it, and that camper probably wasn't scoring many frags anyway.

Single player maps felt the most organic when it came to deathmatch, it looked like you was in some place that actually served a purpose (specifically because they often didnt have loopbacks).

I enjoyed the fuck out of anti-fragging people in the mines with that big laser. You're going for the rocket launcher huh? you bastard. Im going to cut you in half and im not even going to get a frag for it.
> oh wait im sorry, we're mining here today, you didnt get the memo

I see someone being crafty trying to get around it, so I pop a few grenades in there, then they get cut up trying to dodge that. I win anyway.

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Stream Anon here, gonna stream some Quake Live and Unreal Tournament, either 1999 or 4 whichever I feel like. I'm gonna go online now but I'll be setting up some stuff first, but the actual fun should start shortly.

Once again, Twitch name is PortalTheFreak

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