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Hello. I was a hardware developer for Sega of Japan. We have had this story around the company for years, and i thought it would be time to ler the public know. It's 1986, and the Famicom disk drive has been released. Since the games for the Sega Mark III were less complex (example: we had stage-clear games while Nintendo had The Hyrule Fantasy.), we had to find a way to compete. After some ideas, we decided on a disk drive extension. It was planned to be released in 1987, and we were planning some games for it, but the only one I can remember is Phantasy star. Sega told me that the extention would not be revealed until the design was finished. I aggreed and we continued working until news came that the Famicom disk drive had a large piracy scene, which caused us to think if we should continue working. Eventually we figured out that we should not continue, and we moved on and Phantasy star was moved to cassette.



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>Yare Yare Daze.

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Yare Yare Daze

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Alternate names for consoles are gay anyway

Sega Mark III ftw

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What about dat Sega Mark III?

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Oi /vr/, I wanna get into SMS/Mark III, what's the best way to go about this as someone living in the US? Was thinking about getting a Mark III so I can also play SG-1000 games without having to buy one (assuming you can't get an adapter to play them on an NTSC/PAL SMS), and then getting an adapter to play regular SMS games on a Mark III. I also heard there's no region lock, so could I just get a NTSC SMS and import PAL/JP games? What would you guys recommend to access the most games, google isn't very helpful in terms of cross compatibility. Thanks.

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So /vr/, what hardware do you find a e s t h e t i c? Or is there some obscure console you wish you could find/afford/have shipped from Japan in one piece?

Maybe you've ruined your console by spray painting it or have saved it from the horrors of yellowing and have some before and after photos.

Or even just know of a few interesting facts or quirks about a piece of hardware.

It's all good in the Hardware Thread.

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Hey there.

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What /vr/ console would look most at home in a 1960s-1970s science fiction film? I'm thinking pic related.

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Makes me think of fast cars and the 80s

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Ah shit I posted the similarly designed SG-1000 II

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>the model 1 Mega Drive is the nicest looking console of all time
A new challenger appears.

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They did a good job revising this thing.

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can the sega mark 3 play sega master system games?

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I'm aware you cannot play jp sega mark 3 games on the master system but what about the other way around?

can ntsc sega master system games be played on the sega mark III?

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I've got a grey and purple and it's nothing special, I wish I had a white.
White consoles are glorious.

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I've never been much of a Sega fan, but goddamn is this sexy. I want one so bad, but the prices for these are ridiculous. What's that one console, out of the ordinary from your usual preference, that you want so badly?

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Come on, the Mark III was way more sexy than the N64 and just about every other console out there.

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