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Yeah. I don't understand what's the big deal HDOOM honestly.
We get it, is a mod where you fuck demon anime girls.
The animations are smooth and well done but that's it.
The mod gimmick gets old really fast. Isn't the worst thing in the world and far from being a great.
Also the creator completely dropped it so is done.
In fact I even forget I follow him on Twitter. He has some cool pixel art to show off and genuinely chill dude but he loves to kiss ass to the artists he follows.

Doom_txt brings something cool sometimes but is not what it used to be anymore.
At least it remains humble and didn't have a meltdown like current gimmick accounts and Quake_txt, that has an hate boner for Dusk.
(I don't care about that game I'm there for Quakeposting)

Me and anon we just scratched the surface.
You have legitimately amazing Doom art that gets overshadowed by "meme artowrks" and other garbage like that.
There was art shipping Doomguy and Samus Aran which was cute and funny at first but then they got obsessive about it,same for the lewd stuff.
It is 90% trash.
Maybe except the Cookie Demon who's kinda cute and with that design I can dissociate her with Doom

So yeah,if you're into this kind of stuff and want to find a reason to despise it. That's the place for you.

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>Guncaster is the most degenerate, it bring furries into the game!
>No, Hedon is the most degenerate, it literally features thick dickgirl with tons of porn!
There's only ONE truly DEGENERATE mod!

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Map is EDAY32 Red Lights District. The wad is Extremination Day, mate

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