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I recall seeing commercials for the Doom movie on TV back when it was coming out, and there was also a show mainly focused on video games that I loved to watch back then that reviewed the Xbox version of Doom 3, so this would've been in 2005, when I was 9.

Two years later, I started browsing YouTube and came across these videos:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3w6FxkYU9qM (This one REALLY had me interested since I loved GoldenEye as a kid)

The AVGN's review of the Sega 32x had also come out around that time, and it was pretty interesting to see him compare the SNES and 32x ports.

I ended up really wanting to play the PC version of the game but didn't get my hands on it until the following year. Not long after, I discovered ZDoom.

Then in 2009, I finally installed Skulltag, and I'd honestly have to say that it was at this point that I truly got into Doom, since I ended up getting introduced to a shit ton of WADs through it and since my PC at the time was dogshit.

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If anyone is interested, here is an "okay" run of map 1 of Favillesco Alpha Episode 2 with a custom version of Hideous Destructor. The map doesn't throw any really dangerous monsters at the player so the video turned out fairly boring. Like an idiot I also didn't realize my cropping made the video so fucked on youtube. So much unused screen space holy shit.


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doom thread / retro fps thread

doom is cool

so are other retro fpses

post favorite wads

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I made it too. Feels good to finally be part of a project.

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What map packs have great soundtracks /vr/?

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Thank you based Doombro.

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my nigga

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God damn Corvus and Security Officer fucking wreck shit up.

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