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Well I just beat hacx

Combat was nice, different from DOOM. All enemies were squishy but could deal serious damage, armor also meant jack shit and HP could go all the way to 400, to give further emphasis on the glass cannon-ess of all enemies.

Weapons are different. Shotgun and SSG replacements are much more fast paced but lack the oomph of their DOOM counterparts. The machine gun's role is now almost entirely dedicated to high rate of fire stunlocking, but with post-fire a cooldown like the plasma gun's. Combined with the ridiculous ammo consumption means you gotta reserve it it for priority targets or big FUCK OFF moments. This leaves the rocket launcher for sniping larger enemies from afar, as few will actually survive more than a few hits. The BFG replacements operates like a normal BFG but is far less useful with most guns being capable of area control now.

Mapping got quite creative mid game but at the last 5 levels it all suddenly drops. Seems like the team ran out of energy and just stopped caring, going form 160 placed enemies on intricate quasi-linear levels to 50 monsters in a square room. The final map is total shit and ends in a cliffhanger death exit to boot.

Using DOOM I & II as the standard, I'd call it Decent. I feel that the glass-cannon monsters gameplay had more juice to be extracted, alas, it was not to be. A boss monster or two could have done wonders and made the rocket launcher a actual tactical choice.

Still wayyy better than Harmony

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