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>more dodging
>more goalpost moving
>still praising cheese and exploits when talking about game design
>saying "dominated"
You ok, little fella?

You can speedrun the game in 30 minutes so you know what, I guess it was a fast game all along :^)

>Secondly, there's no real way to know what the devs wanted or didn't want for sure
Still pretending like the devs wanted you to never use the standing attack? My god, it has truly been embarrassing for you

>They aren't 10-15 minutes long unless you are slow as shit
Lies. There's what, 12 continue points? In a game you said takes 20 hours (lol). Do the math. Either you die a million times or you try not playing like Sonic.

>Whip upgrades are gotten from candles, you don't have to look for them or stop.
??? You literally have to keep hitting candles until you spawn some, and you definitely don't care about candles as much when have the upgrades. It clearly changes your playstyle based on that and you damage and range stats.

>LMFAO. It's true that you do not want to go down this road, I know exactly what the components that make up the "immersion" buzzword are
Calm down aspie. You really are lost if you think immersion is a buzzword or that game design isn't responsible for it.

Looking at thief:
>Map system and accurate simulationist levels with environmental cues
>Sound propagation
>enemy states
4 elements of the game that are about as tied to moment-to-moment gameplay as you get, that were made by DESIGNERS, not the art department or marketers or whatever bullshit you think, and highly contribute to immersing you in the experience, while being crucial to the main loop.

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>tfw your shitpost triggers a mod

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Weren't you just banned? What, are you evading already?

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Here is your daily fact of the day anon!
Calling people children usually indicates that you yourself are an immature asshole!~

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>mad because UT takes more skill than his shallow game

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I chuckled.

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