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Bugs is about to smash Taz's face in with that oversized mallet. Glass shards will also rip apart Taz's flesh. We are, at most, a second away from Taz's horrific injury.

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A couple battle tunes from overlooked JRPGs.

Sorcerer's Kingdom - Battle Scene - Sega Genesis

Really good battle theme from a pretty decent JRPG. Good soundtrack all around, neat battle system and heavy emphasis on exploration and secrets. Cool game, more people should try it.

Traysia - Battle - Sega Genesis

A good song from a pretty bad game. There's a reason this one is forgotten. Still, the soundtrack is much better than the rest of the game.

Magic Knight Rayearth - Battle Theme - Super Famicom

A very simple and cute game with an excellent soundtrack. Not really worth playing, but the whole soundtrack is great and there are a ton of super memorable songs.

Growlanser - Can't Go Back - Playstation

Never played the game, the sequels are pretty cool, but this is a great battle theme by Noriyuke Iwadari from an otherwise pretty lackluster soundtrack.

Rudra no Hihou - The Spirit Chaser - Super Famicom

People who are into retro RPGs probably all know this one, but it's a great, super catchy battle theme from a pretty boring game.

Got more to come!

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I was wondering that too. I just beat FF9 for the first time about a week ago, and I beat FF15 not too long ago too, and for the first time in my life, I realized that these Final Fantasy games, they're just straight up nonsense. 15 was egregiously bizarre, but even 9, which was overall fairly cohesive, was still complete nonsense. I wonder what they're thinking when they write out the plots for these games, what it is they're trying to accomplish. Because absolutely none of them make a single lick of sense.

They're fun, I like them, but they're insane. They're like if a dog with a brain tumor somehow made a game.

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The only good song in the game was Fur's theme, who, incidentally, was the only good girl.


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I know that for the Michiel van den Bos songs, a lot of the samples used were also in Age of Wonders and Deus Ex. You could look in the .xm files (or whatever format they are). There was a taboo about taking samples back in the old days, but I really don't think anyone cares anymore.

It's my job to make music for games, and I started making chiptunes in, I think, around 2007 or 2008. I can't remember. I've probably made about 500 now, of many different styles. I like to work in FM, but I also like pushing the Game Boy to its absolute limit. There are some really good videos out there on some of the techniques that experts like Alberto Jose Gonzales used to use -


I can't even imagine what my music would sound like if I hadn't come across these techniques.

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I remember the PC version of Final Fantasy 7 came with this MIDI driver that sounded awesome. I can't remember the name, but I know it was a Yamaha driver. I was teaching myself how to write music at the time, and so I'd make these MIDIs with an absolutely terrible program called MIDI Maker, which crashed if your song was longer than 30 seconds, and they sounded so awesome with that Final Fantasy driver. I'd take them to school and listen to them there and they'd just be awful.

Good times.

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Traysia's pretty bad from what I recall, but the music is great.


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I occasionally have songs about the music from the game -


Most of it's pretty bad, but this song is so memorable.

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Listened to the whole thing. It's a fun song, keep it up! Keep writing music and building your skills.

Post some more of your music too, I'd like to listen to more.

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What do you mean by syntax? The UI? The way they look? Or the actual notation and effects formatting? If I had to guess, you probably mean the last one. Most of the old trackers use this formatting, but there is no reason that music made with old soundchips needs to use this formatting. In fact, there's even a programming language called Music Macro Language used just for programming music on old chips that uses very, very different syntax. You can read more about it here - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Music_Macro_Language

People used trackers because they were the most commonly available programs for these old computers, and once you're used to them, they're very intuitive. But there are also kinds of music programs for these old computers as well. I can't remember what it was called, but I've seen piano roll programs for the Amiga. I also know a lot of people made their own programs that never really saw major release.

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Come on. . . !!

Gem'X - Main Theme

Bad Cat - Theme

Jim Power in Mutant Planet - Pumpkin Fields

Katakis - Main Theme

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A very charming game that understands and embraces the limitations of its hardware. Definitely one of the best titles on the system and worth checking out for everybody. The music is fantastic!

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The Adventures of Batman & Robin - Psycho Section

One of the most impressive songs I've heard coming from the Sega Genesis.

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Beware. . . . . !!

Popful Mail - Volcanic Zone

Street Fighter EX Plus - Strange Sunset

Night Striker - Burning Road

Hero Quest - Track 2

Turok 2 - Scroll Stage

Click . . . . . at your own peril !!

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Click at your own peril. . . . . . !!


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Never heard of it. This looks great. Thanks, pal. . . . . . . . . !!

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It's a sin . . . !!

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Here's some weird stuff. Maybe you guys will like it.

Lost Patrol - Main Theme

Sorcerian Utility Disk Vol.1 - Nice to Meet You

Super Cycle - Main Theme

Wonder Momo - Transformation Theme

The Legend of Kyrandia - Emerald Cave

Hope you like this!

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